Color&Brain has a track record for initiating local, regional and international projects within a triple helix setting of business, knowledge and governments. Color&Brain facilitates enterprises  with in-company new concept and new business development processes. A selection of completed assignments will be sent upon request. Color&Brain has developed succesfully the "private label innovation" We Love Nature" for the Enkco Food group. The product was introduced in the supermarkets two years after the conceptuation of the idea.!

 The activities of Color&Brain are:

  •  Support and stimulation of innovation and learning processes within and between organizations
  •  Invention and development of innovations and new products in private R&D Food and Cosmetics FabLab
    with natural ingredients for nutraceuticals, nutricosmetics and cosmeceuticals
  •  Support and stimulation of cooperation between Dutch and German companies and organizations
  • Development and participation in (inter)national cooperation projects