Who we are

Color&Brain is a network organisation. Rob van Haren is one of the network organisers and developers for Color&Brain. 



Rob van Haren has ample experience in the Agro-Food and Lifestyle domains. He is partly working for the Hanze University of applied sciences in Groningen the Netherlands as professor "Transition BioEconomy" and as visiting professor "Arts&Sustainability" at Minerva School of Arts. He is developing a multi-purpose pilot biorefinery for new product development. He has worked before as director of Kiemkracht, an innovation alliance between Product Board Arable Products and InnovationNetwork of the Ministry of Economical affairs in the Netherlands for developing disruptive innovations in arable farming, food business and food product development. He was 5 years parttime professor at the University of Groningen where he was responsible for the chair `innovation and knowledge transfer agribusiness`. Part of the research was dedicated to the introduction of new prodcuts and services based upon the lupin bean. Before he worked as manager sustainable innovation for the AVEBE company where he was amongst others responsible for the open innovation development of the ETENIATM product. Rob van Haren has a PhD in theoretical biology from the Free University in Amsterdam. He worked after his PhD ten years senior scientist agro-ecology  for Plant Research International in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

Follow this link for a video on Kiemkracht radical innovations